18 Wheeler

18 Wheeler

Get a Move On Good Buddy!

Description: For all the truckers that love kicking drivers out of the road this is a game for you. 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker is a big-rig racing game from Sega. Climb into the cab of one of 5 big-rigs and race against a maniacal rival who'll stop at nothing to get to the delivery point ahead of you.

Game play begins by choosing one of five different big-rigs, each with unique levels of speed, torque and toughness. You'll need to choose the one that'll take you from pick-up to delivery as quickly and safely as possible. The more damage you receive, the less your load is worth. Shortly after leaving the terminal, you'll see your rival trucker trying to smash his way past to beat you to the delivery point.

Along the way you'll come across a number of unexpected obstacles ranging from Sunday drivers to tornadoes. You can avoid some of these by choosing the correct alternate route, but leaving the main highway can lead you straight into more trouble like driving down Daytona Beach or off the edge of an unfinished bridge. Get behind other big-rigs and enter their Slip Stream for quicker acceleration and top speeds.

The steering wheel used is a real-sized 48cm in diameter big-rig wheel, and players use a low, high and reverse shifter. The DX cabinet also has a bench seat that accommodates two players, and there is also a in-seat sub woofer. There are two air-horn buttons, one in the center of the steering wheel and one directly in front of the passenger seat.