Excalibur Slide


Castle Theme Dual Lane Slide

Description: A journey to the medival times. This enchanted castle will provide your events with hours of jovial entertainment. No swords allowed. A twist on the standard slide, our Slide offers a challenging climb to the top! Your mountaineers will enjoy going back to the mediaval times where dragons, knights were the main attraction. Let see if you have what it takes to release the sword from the rock and becomes the King of England. After you complete your quest, you will start your descending on a smooth sliding surface. Our Slide has two lanes, for twice the fun!

Dry Slide
Dual Lanes
Front Entrance


  • Dimensions: 32ft x 15ft x 22ft
  • Power: Single Outlet
  • Generator(s) are required for parks and not included in price.

Please Download and Print the following documents:

Contract        Operating Instructions